A sweater, a hood, a lifestyle – to wear. Which of us does not like to disappear in a hoodie that gives you the feeling of being cuddled up in a fluffy living room cover all day, even over-pulling when necessary (rain, bad hair day, general annoyance)? The original skater jersey, designed by British streetwear brand Bench in 1989, is the chameleon among the outfits. No trend makes it disappear, it always adapts itself and secures for decades the permanent place in our cabinets and hearts.
What accompanies us through our lives for a long time also reveals something about us: Why are hood wearers mostly masked romantics? What do girls hide with oversize hoodies? Why are wearers of functional clothing mostly adventurers? And why do hoodie collectors get away from it all? Find out which of the four hoodie types you are and whether you really do not find one or the other feature on your screen. Honestly …
With him may gladly be a number bigger. The hoodie, the inscription, his appearance. He wears his hood on his head as often as possible and casts a dark glow beneath it. Like a dangerous rap star from an MTV video, he seems so at first glance. This impression is quite intentional, but who hides under a hard hoodie shell, actually has a very soft core. The Gangsta only shares his true feelings with his closest confidants, who know that they can always count on them one hundred percent.
Just now, my son, 19, stuck his head in my writing room. It was less head, more hood. This was part of a black hoodie I recently borrowed from him, because hooded sweatshirts are pretty much the coolest thing a woman can wear. This is also the label Vetements blame, these are the brilliant designers who have managed that fashionable freaks were willing to pay for a yellow T-shirt with DHL logo 240 euros. Her washed-out oversized hoodie with Vetements lettering on it is of course long sold out, but you can mimic the look great by, for example, stealing a similar model from his child. Incidentally, mature women have a clear advantage over young mothers. I am not allowed to mention my son in my texts, but from time to time I just have to quote him. So he sat down in my room and told this and that about his life.
Hoodie is the name given to ultra-comfortable hoodies that are worn all year round today – in summer as a jacket, in winter as a sweater under the jacket. Many fans have a whole collection of hoodies in different colors at home to wear the beloved garment daily. The English term ‘hoodie’ for this garment, which is also known in German as a hoodie, derives from the hood – this is called in English ‘hood’. The garment itself is also known as the ‘hooded sweatshirt’. Sometimes the hoodie is also written wrong ‘hoody’. Generation favorite – Why is the hoodie so hip? For a long time regarded as a “uniform” male teenager, the hoodie has now conquered all generations. The advantages of the hoodie are obvious: it is wide cut and extremely comfortable, so it can be worn as a jacket over T-shirt or longsleeves. If he gets too warm for you, you just pull him out!
Many also wear the hoodie as a comfortable jacket replacement outdoors – then the hood fulfills its actual function best, because in rain or strong wind it protects the head like a cap. The hoodie is available in a wide range of colors and designs today, from the simple, adaptable hoodie in gray or black to the colorful hoodie with imprinted images. Also popular are hoodies with the imprint of a large university or hoodies with lettering, z. B. of rock and metal bands or computer games. Since when are hoodies available? Actually, one could say that the hoodie was already in the Middle Ages. He was inspired by the monastic robes.
The American apparel maker Champion thought of that as well, when in the 1930s he was to develop warm clothing for the employees of the New York frozen foods warehouse. However, the good piece was not called hoodie for a long time. It was not until the 1970s that the hoodie entered the pop culture for the first time – for example as a movie hero “Rocky” (played by Sylvester Stallone) in the eponymous cult film in a hoodie by Philadelphia jogging. The hoodie continued to gain popularity as US elite universities launched hooded sweatshirts with their logo, and when the hip-hop and surfer scenes discovered the hoodie for themselves.

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